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Christopher Antonio De León Vélez (born August 5, 1993), known by his stage name as Ufell , is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer. After finishing his Nursing Bachelor Degree from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus Nursing School, Ufell gained popularity on social media with his 2nd solo single on 2017 "No fui yo" reaching more than 150k streams. On 2018 decided to start his own Corporation and Independent label NUOVO MEDIA LLC & La Nueva Inc. working as a producer, singer, songwriter and musician.


Early life and education


 Christopher Antonio De León Vélez was born on August 5, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has two brothers and one sister. De León was interested in being a musician at the age of 7, started playing flute and years later at the age of 12,  auditioned to be part of the musician student's community of the Escuela Libre de Música de San Juan E.R.A (Middle/Highschool). After graduating from Highschool on 2011, auditioned for the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina's Band as a Trombonist and achieved to get a 3 year scholarship for a Nursing Bachelor Degree that he finished on 2016 from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus Nursing School.



Career 2016 - present


 After finishing his Bachelor and approving the Official Nursing License Test in Puerto Rico and U.S , De León decided to continue his career as an independent artist while working on a food truck and simultaneously releasing songs with video clips on YouTube. The singles "Dos Polos" and "Pa la calle ft. Enok" where the first two singles that breakthrough and helped Ufell gain popularity on South America, U.S and Puerto Rico in 2016 and early 2017. 

 On September, 2017, while working on construction after Hurricane Maria passed by Puerto Rico, Ufell kept releasing music as an independent artist on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming platforms.


2018 Began with a fresh start and notable appearances the first three months performing on the Holiday's Festival at La Perla & Street. San Sebastian in Puerto Rico. On August, Ufell started the registration process of his stage name as a registered Trademark on the U.S and territories. on October started the production of his first Album for an official release on 2019.


Ufell’s first album “VIRGEN” released on December 24 of 2019 reached more than 20k Streams in the first week of premiere. The project has 10 new singles for his fans and new listeners around the globe. 



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